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About Stanridge

If you see one of our bikes you’ll know it’s handmade.  Not everyone will have a Stanridge.  It’s not something you can by at a big box retailer or even the local bike shops. Dan and I are connected with every frame we produce. I can often look at a frame and recollect an exact process associated with that specific frame. I’m usually never completely content with what passes as a complete frame to a client; I need to work on this. It’s this feeling that drives to me work longer and harder. It would be nice to get to a point of complete satisfaction with our product.  Our product is handmade, there will always be slight nuances, I’m not sure if we’ll ever make a perfect frame when you think about production at this level.


Our products will last the test the time, after you ride a frame or wear one of garments you’ll know it’s made to last. My frames are not trendy objects. The kit's are a different story! However, the simplicity is what sets us apart.  We like to play with colour pallets to distinguish our brand tastefully. There’s much more style and panache to our custom bicycles and garments. It’s the cool factor.


Stanridge started as an idea of mine while I was in the corporate world. Growing up as a child I was constantly drawing, making, painting, gluing and designing. In my early summers I would spend a couple months every year with my Grandfathers. They stoked my creativity as both had shops with tools not available to me at home. I always knew I wanted to own my own business. It runs in my family, the entrepreneurial spirit.


What was made 40 years ago and what is made now is pretty ridiculous.  We’ve come to accept junk as the bar of quality. Our throw away society is starting to understand if you buy something of quality you may actually save money in the end. Not only are you saving money in the end your supporting American manufacturing at a microcosmic level. How often do you see “Made in the USA”?


Not only is Stanridge an extension of my personality and story its an extension of you. It’s a story of humble beginnings and the triumph of the “can do” American spirit. The deindustrialization of America is being lost. This should be a major concern to all of us. Our kids don’t know what a Phillips screwdriver is and if they did they wouldn’t know what to do with it.


It’s hard to find folks with the desire and the aptitude to make bikes and garments at our level. I bet my grandfathers said the same thing about folks.  Maybe I’m making a big deal about nothing. I really do think doing what Dan and I do at the level we do it will be a lost art. 

We've partnered with Bobby, he's the man behind Endo. He produces every piece of our kit in LA from Italian sourced fabric. Bobby and I are on the same level. He gets it. We're proud to have the Endo logo on our garments. Everytime you pull these quality hand made garments over your skin you'll have the satisfaction of knowing you've supported two grassroots companies. Thank You. Adam.