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SRS Slipstreams

Image of SRS Slipstreams


So, to pay homage to the classic era of cycling, and to block the icy winds, DeFeet came up with the Slipstream. Like a sock, only better. Like a bootie, only thinner. The material is 60% cordura, 30% nylon, 10% Lycra. So it's durable, provides some protection from the wind, and has generous stretch. There's a line stitched in the bottom showing where you should cut the threads with a pair of scissors in order to allow your cleats to poke through. Additionally, like a sock, there's a top cuff. In this case, it's a traditional DeFeet cuff that's four-inches tall.

The Slipstreams are perfect for the days when it's too cold to have a naked shoe, but it's too warm to have a completely windproof shoe cover.

36 - 42 7 - 9 5.5 - 7.5 S / M
43 - 46 10 - 13 9+ L / XL